1. This is the official website of Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc. (EBMC), the Canadian subsidiary of Eastwood Companies. Eastwood companies globally markets various products, some of which are not sold by EBMC in Canada.
  2. Some parts of this website include opinions of consumers, researchers and media on the products not available in Canada. However, EBMC, its affiliated companies, its employees, and its distributors do not make any claims that the products of EBMC cure, diagnose, or prevent any diseases, except for the claims allowed by Health Canada .  Product Licenses 80000196, 80000364, 80000365, 80000477, 80000481, 80000504, 80000866, 155815.

I, a Canadian consumer, fully understand the above and declare that my purchase decision in Canada is not influenced by any information on the products not available in Canada. Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc. does not make any claims for its products except for the Official Claims.



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