Wrong ways to use Eleotin

Let me tell you a few ways to misuse Eleotin®
First Mistake:

  • You stop taking other medications and insulin injections because you think that Eleotin® will work miraculously and instantly. Most patients feel a lot more energetic right after they start taking Eleotin®; many notice a decrease in weight right away. Some erroneously believe that they are cured, and the “battle of the bulge” is over. We understand how much you hate to take those pharmaceutical pills and injections. But, this is a dangerous move. You should be patient. Eleotin® is not a miracle quick fix. Maintain your former treatments until your doctor tells you not to.
Next Most Common Mistake:

  • Under-Dosage. Overweight and severely diabetic people should double the dosages, maybe even triple them. In fact, Chinese doctors are recommending Eleotin® users in China to triple the dosage during the initial few months and then go into a maintenance mode afterwards.Eleotin® is a perfectly safe product even in high dosages. I personally take triple dosages almost everyday even though I do not have diabetes, and am in a normal weight range. I know that what is in Eleotin® is good for my health anyhow. When taking more than one dosage, some clever people use the capsules and teas at the same time, rather than multiplying the same treatments. For example, oneEleotin® Gold capsules + Eleotin® Express 6, or Eleotin® Gold capsules + Eleotin® M tea. For weight loss, Mb Tea + Mb Concentrate capsules are highly recommended.
Another Mistake:

  • Stopping too Early. Some patients are disappointed because their weight did not drastically and instantly drop. Other patients say that they do not feel any difference and their blood sugar levels do not change. They are tempted to conclude that Eleotin® did not and would not work for them. But, we strongly recommend them to have the HbA1c Tests, C Peptide Tests and Plasma Insulin Tests done. If the results of these tests are improving, the root causes of diabetes and weight problems are being attacked. Even though there seem to be no changes on the surface, you should be patient.

  • We found that heavy drinkers reverted back to their original diabetic or overweight state even after the Eleotin® treatments improved their health.
Normalizer vs. Reducer
  • Eleotin® ‘s goal is restoration of normalcy, not just lowering the Blood Glucose Levels or reducing weight. Therefore, the higher the Blood Glucose Levels are before the Eleotin® treatment, or the more overweight the customer , the more dramatic the effect of Eleotin® will be. On the contrary, the nearer to the normalcy the initial situations are, the less dramatic the Eleotin®’s effect would look. (The worse when you start, the more dramatic your improvement will be. The nearer to normalcy when you start, the improvement would be not as dramatic…) If your initial state is underweight or too low blood sugar level, your will see the increase of weight and blood sugar levels.
Root Causes vs. Surface Symptoms
There are root causes that underlie diabetes and metabolic obesity

  • insulin is not produced or produced insufficiently due to a damaged or mal-developed pancreas
  • insulin is not used efficiently due to insulin resistance
  • High or fluctuating blood sugar level is actually just a surface symptom of these root causes.
Eleotin® vs. Conventional Treatments

    • Eleotin® treats these root causes over time, while conventional treatments quickly but temporarily control blood sugar levels


  • Eleotin® helps more insulin to be produced by rejuvenating the ß (beta) cells in the pancreas
  • Eleotin® also improves the efficiency of insulin usage by strengthening the insulin receptors.
  • Once these root problems are solved, the body’s own ability to control blood sugar is fundamentally restored. That is why many people and diabetes associations praise Eleotin® as “an ideal cure”.
Treating the root causes of diabetes and obesity rather than simply the surface symptoms.
Eleotin®: A Fundamental Long-Term Solution
  • Of course, such a fundamental approach takes time. The expected progress of Eleotin® treatment differs according to age, lifestyle, and more importantly body size. In some cases, no progress is observable even after 6 months of continued usage. Do not be disappointed. Be patient.

    Eleotin® is not a miracle quick fix. You cannot reverse in a couple of months a disease that has been developing over many years. Long-term stable and consistent intake is necessary and essential to the success of using Eleotin®. Patients who are quite overweight may need to increase their dosage or take a booster called Express 6. Some users feel great energy and also see their blood sugar levels drop soon after starting their Eleotin® treatment. But, these symptomatic improvements do not mean that the fundamental changes have completed or have even started yet. Eleotin® needs to be used continuously and consistently until the body’s own ability to control its blood sugar has been completely restored.

    We are committed to helping you to achieve the fundamental changes.
    Because Eleotin® is made of 100% natural herbs it does not develop resistance even with long-term use. There are no negative side effects and the dosages can be increased without any harm. However, drinking too much alcohol may decrease the effectiveness of Eleotin®.

What Happens If You Stop Prematurely
  • Do not discontinue Eleotin® prematurely even though you may feel much better and your blood sugar level drops, or you feel your weight loss is sufficient. Eleotin® improves the overall health thus it produces many positive side effects. But, prematurely discontinuing Eleotin® may jeopardize your investment in the long-term fundamental changes. Eleotin® takes time.
  • At Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada, we are committed to helping you to achieve the fundamental changes needed to solve the root problems of your diabetes and weight problems. So we encourage you to also make a long-term commitment to your own health. We would be happy to provide our customers with financial assistance if qualified. Please call us at 1-888-OMY-HERB about the financial assistance package.
Expected Progress* **
Type of Diabetic and Metabolic Obesity Preliminary Changes begin within Fundamental Changes begin within
Mild (0-3 years)
1 – 3 months
6 months – 1 year
Moderate (3-6 years)
3 – 6 months
1 – 2 years
Severe (6+ years)
6 months – 1 year
2 years or more
*Source: University of Calgary **Sufficient dosages should be used. Overweight patients may need to increase the dosage.
As for Diabetic Patients:
  • There were many of us, whose Blood Glucose Levels are around the border line, and, whose Blood Glucose Levels fluctuate between 100-150, (5-7.5 roughly) occasionally. Some of these people used Eleotin®, and, Eleotin® appears to be in-effective in lowering Blood Glucose Levels. Also, in case that people were experiencing hypoglycemia (occasional and too low Blood Glucose Levels), people will even see the rise of the Blood Glucose Levels after Eleotin® treatment. Again, Eleotin® is not just a Blood Sugar Lowering agent. It purports to restore the body’s ability to normalize the Blood Sugar Levels. Therefore, if you just look at how much Eleotin® lowered the Blood Sugar Level, and, if you look at those of us who are already normal or near normal, it is possible to say that Eleotin® did not change the Blood Sugar Level for these people. For these people, the benefits of Eleotin® would be mainly preventive and fewer and narrower swings of the Blood Sugar Levels. I thought these cases would not be many, but, in the past, these cases were surprisingly many. We all know that diabetes is exploding globally, and, that this is a deadly disease. But, some people are worried too much, and, tend to set some artificial targets for themselves. I do not believe that occasional 150 is such a critically dangerous diabetic case. In fact, some time ago, these cases would be classified as ‘normal.’ The pharmaceutical industry influenced many doctors to lower the criteria so that more people can be diagnosed as ‘diabetic’. If this is the case, I would not worry too much. Keep on using Eleotin® for preventive purposes so that the ‘diabetes’ does not get worse. But, do not be disappointed that Eleotin® does not bring your Blood Glucose Level to 100. If you read the science section of our website, this is well recorded in detail. Even though your Blood Sugar Level is slightly about 100, you really do not have to worry about the complications. Eleotin® seems to bring the people to there. That is why when University of Calgary announced the advent of Eleotin ®,they declared that 70% of the users would be restored to ‘near normalcy.’ Diabetic, according to the new definitions of diabetes, but, healthy enough not to worry about the complications of diabetes. Does this satisfy your question?

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