What doctors and universities are saying all around the world:

The credibility of a product can be established by a few ways.

  • Testimonies: We have many testimonies. As of March 2016, there are about 300,000 users. We have shown below just a few of the testimonies. Some of them are in our Youtube channel. We plan to be the first company in history with one million video testimonials from real users.
  • Testimonies in general are personal, down to earth, but often anecdotal. Therefore, they should be supplemented by vigorous scientific clinical studies performed by reputable third- party research organizations, universities, and governments.
  • Also, a credibility of a product can be supported by independent comments and reviews of healthcare professionals, such as medical doctors who are financially unrelated to the product.
  • Next, professional associations such as the Diabetes Associations and Pharmacist Associations would also strengthen the credibility.
  • The testimonies below are real and voluntary testimonies submitted by real people. EBMR applied minimum editions to protect the privacy of these witnesses.
  • The clinical studies, comments by independent medical doctors, and comments by professional organizations mentioned above for our products can be found in the science section of this website: