Omega 3 Special

Omega 3 is one of the fatty acids which we can find most often from fish & flax oil. For some time, it has been a health fad. It is known to be beneficial for almost every conceivable disease and especially so for vascular coronary diseases such as heart problems, hypertension, and it was also known to be helpful for weigh control…Of course, it was known to be beneficial for diabetes, why not?

Omega 3 is now a big industry.

However, even Omega 3 has some side effects and some reverse interactions with some other products. We discovered after a few months of study that when Omega 3 is used by a person who suffers from the deficiency of Omega 3, the effect is wonderful.

However when the amount used is more than what is lacking, many problems can arise. For diabetic patients, it often increases the blood sugar…See the references below.

Recently, we found that some users of Eleotin also use Omega 3, and many of them report a reduced effectiveness of Eleotin . Most of these people tend to use more than 1 gram of Omega 3 a day. There seems to be no danger of using both Eleotin and Omega 3, except for the reduced effects of Eleotin . Common sense in herbal science is that blood thinning agents such as Omega 3 and Aspirin, tend to reduce the effects of most of medicinal herbs, not just Eleotin .

I would recommend that people refrain from taking Omega 3 dietary supplements while they are on Eleotin . This way our valued customers are sure to enjoy optimal benefits in their quest for better health.

Yours in health

Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc.

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