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For any other items that you may be interested in purchasing, please be advised that Health Canada restricts the purchase of our natural health products to a 3 month supply per order from international sellers. Please go to international region and select your items. If you need to purchase more than the quantity limit, please call our toll free number at 1.888.669.4372.

Disclaimer Some of products are not available in Canada. Please check each item.
Except for the claims allowed by Health Canada Product Licenses 80000196, 80000364, 80000365, 80000477, 80000481, 80000504, 80000866, the Singapore Health Science Authority CDA (HSU) 40:43/01-B(V), the National Pharmaceutical Administration NPA (CPM) 6:06 /1 Vol 19, the Food and Drug Administration Authority (Republic of China) 0900027995, the Food and Drug Administration Authority (Peoples Republic of China) Import Food Hygiene Supervision and Inspection Bureau Certificate 990067, the Food and Drug Administration Authority Approval Number J20060001, neither Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc., its affiliated companies, its employees, its distributors, nor its personnel make any claims that the products manufactured by Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc cure, diagnose, or, prevent any diseases.